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This is our selection of ATS compatible resumes. Although "compatible" may not be an apt description. In fact, utilising these resumes with the information you provide us, we'll ensure that you have maximum keyword optimisation and optimal formatting, to have you breezing through any ATS recruitment system.

You have a choice of styles. Including Recent Graduate, for anyone who's just completed their educational journey and is looking to join the work force. Classic, for those that have spent some time in the workforce and are looking for their next opportunity. Leadership & Management for leaders looking to take the next step in their career. And Executive, for high end professionals, looking to capitalise on their performance history and expertise. If you're not sure which ATS Compatible Resume would best suit your needs, then you can check out our FAQ page, or feel free to contact us and we'd be happy to discuss it with you.

Once you've completed the purchase, you will receive an email with your receipt, and details on the information that we will require from you, in order to complete your ATS Compatible Resume creation. Then together we will work to ensure that your new resume, is a truly powerful narrative of your professional potential. Our turnaround target, from purchase to completion, is generally 5 business days. But we always aim for a faster outcome.

Some of you at this point may be asking, "what is ATS, and why should I care?". Well ATS, or Applicant Tracking Software, is a system used by many organisations, both large and small, to help hiring managers streamline the recruitment process.

If you're asked to upload your resume during your application process, then chances are that it will be run through some form of tracking software. This program's job is to scan the hundreds or thousands of applications, and narrow down the selections, so that recruiters are only having to review what the system considers to be the prime candidates for the role.

You may have experienced applying for a job, only to never hear back. And then to follow up directly with the recruiter and have then tell you that they never received your resume? This may have been due to the ATS deciding that your resume wasn't prime candidate material, and then eliminating it from the process.

Maybe you were even ideally suited to the role, with plenty of experience and all the right qualifications? Unfortunately, when ATS is involved, this sometimes isn't enough.

ATS isn't logical or compassionate. It's simply a program that scans your document and then collates, ranks and stores that information to make it easy for recruiters to review. So if your resume isn't formatted correctly or is using the wrong keywords, then you don't stand much of a chance.

But don't despair. You've come to us, and we're here to help. We're passionate about ensuring that your resume portrays the best version of you. And these resumes are designed to ensure that no amount of electronic gatekeepers are going to stand in your way.

Some people may be concerned that the ATS compatible resumes aren't as eye catching as our Attention Grabbing Resumes, and this is due to the fact that the optimal formatting for scanning software, is often not the optimal formatting for creating a memorable impact in a human being.

All of our resumes are formatted to be ATS compatible (including our attention grabbing selection). However, there's quite a variety of applicant tracking software available on the market, and these are often changing and updating. Our ATS Compatible Resumes are designed to ensure that even the most discerning or rudimentary parsing software, will have no trouble reading and collating all of your vital information.

If you're confident that you'll only be applying via an ATS system, and won't be handing out, or sending your resume directly to recruiters, then an ATS Compatible Resume is perfect.

If you feel like you would plan to use both electronic and physical application methods, then might we suggest having one of each? It's definitely not a necessity, but if you'd like to maximise your chances of landing that dream job, we offer a great value Complete Package that will ensure you can take advantage of any recruitment opportunities that come your way.