Do you offer refunds?

We're 100% committed to ensuring that you are completely satisfied with the quality of our customer service, and the standard of your final product. For up to 14 days after the initial receipt of your documents, we will make any corrections or changes necessary, to ensure your total satisfaction, at no additional charge to you (after this time, our standard fee for minor additions and updates will apply).

Refunds are available in two circumstances. Firstly, if you cancel your order within 24 hours of payment, by contacting us directly at . And secondly, if we inform you that there is likely to be a delay longer than 7 days, in being able to deliver your requested documents to you, and you inform us within 24 hours of receiving this notification, that you would like to cancel your order.

Unfortunately, after this time, work will have already begun in earnest on the creation of your resume or cover letter, so further refunds will not be available.

We're also unable to offer any guarantees that you will be inundated with interview and job offers after receiving our services. Unfortunately there are just too many variables and factors outside of our control. Such as the economic climate, the number and types of roles you apply for and the appropriateness of your qualifications and experience for those roles.

But we can promise that, we will work with you, to deliver an affordable, professional and high quality service, that ensures your new career marketing documents, are a powerful presentation of your professional potential, and a vital tool in taking your career to the next level.

If you have any queries or concerns regarding any of our services, then please contact us, and we'd be happy to discuss them with you. You can also find more information on our Terms of Service, and Refund Policy pages.

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