I've never had a resume before. Is the process still the same?

We're committed to providing an affordable, high quality professional resume and cover letter writing service, to people at all stages of their career journey.

There are many reasons why someone may not have an existing resume. They may be a recent graduate, entering the job market for the first time. Or a stay at home parent, returning to the workforce. Even people who've been employed for years in positions they've been fortunate enough to pick up via personal connections or word of mouth. We cater to people from a myriad of backgrounds and experience levels.

After you've placed an order with us, you'll receive an email with your receipt, as well as instructions on what information we require to be able to begin your resume or cover letter creation. Whilst this email will ask you to provide us with any current resume you may have, as a reference, it is definitely not a requirement if you don't have one.

In the email, you will be given access to our Fact Find document, which is designed to guide you in what information you will need to provide us. Providing an existing resume, may mean that you don't need to fill out as much of the form. But if you don't have one, the form ensures that you're able to provide all of the information that we need, without it. And if our writers require any further details, they will communicate this with you directly, during the creation process.

If you've never had a resume before, we can definitely help. And if you're not sure where to get started, then contact us directly, and we'd be delighted to offer assistance.

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