Online Training

If you're wanting to up-skill yourself to improve your chances in the employment market, or even just looking to expand your cerebral horizons, then check out the below online training resources.

Through these organisations, you can get access to thousands of courses, from multiple industries. And you can complete them in your own time, from the comfort of your own home.

Skillshare Online Training Prime Resumes Australia

Skillshare is an online learning community with thousands of classes in design, business, tech and more. Anyone can join, and they currently have over 4 million students, and over 22,000 classes.

The creators' goal is, "to make the new economy an open meritocracy, where the skills and expertise needed to succeed are available for anyone willing to learn them."

Access is granted via either a free trial membership, or with premium membership currently available from $11.75 a month. The premium membership gives you unlimited access to all of the classes, and also the ability to download your courses to watch offline.

They're currently running a promotion where you can receive your first month of premium membership for free. Click here to check out their site.

Coursera Online Training Prime Resumes Australia

Coursera was founded in 2012 by two Stanford Computer Science professors who wanted to share their knowledge and skills with the world. Professors Daphne Koller and Andrew Ng put their courses online for anyone to take – and taught more learners in a few months than they could have in an entire lifetime in the classroom.

The platform offers over 2,700 courses, delivered by instructors and educators from some of the world's best universities and educational institutions. The have a range of training options available. From free skills training that can be completed in hours, to full Degree level qualifications.

The platform is free to join, as are many of the courses. If you want to receive a certificate of attainment on completion though (handy for being able to validate your newly acquired skills), you will need to pay the assigned fee. Most of these start at around $49. With the price going up with the level of training provided. You'll be able to see all of the pricing information after you create an account and log in (which is completely free). They also offer financial assistance. Click here to find out more.

AOT Online Training Prime Resumes Australia

AOT, or Accredited Online Training, is an Australian Registered Training Organisation, based in Queensland. They offer 100% online delivery of nationally recognised Certificate and Diploma level training packages, in business, project management and human resources.

As their courses are nationally recognised and accredited, they are a little more expensive than the other options mentioned above. A short course in Basic Documents and Spreadsheets starts at $198. With Diploma level courses coming in at just under $2,000.

They do offer a payment plan, to enable to you to pay for the course over the duration of learning.

One of the coolest parts of AOT's setup, is their fully simulated workplace called Global Star Enterprises. Although the company is fictitious, it's been setup to enable students to utilise it as a platform to learn and demonstrate the competencies presented in the training.

This is great, because generally when undertaking online training, you need to be working in or have access to a workplace that allows you to document and demonstrate the learning material. This can be difficult for those people not currently working, or wanting to study a course not relevant to their current place of employment. Even people who would simply just prefer not to use their existing workplace to document their evidence.

To learn more about AOT's training packages, click here.