Recommended Reading

Below you'll find Prime Resumes' top recommended reading material, for anyone looking to improve their job search and career development skills. With everything from mastering the powers of influence and persuasion, to networking, to forming successful habits. These books have the power to help give you the edge in both your professional and personal life.

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How to Win Friends and Influence People Prime Resumes Australia

1. How To Win Friends and Influence People - Dale Carnegie

Possibly the most quintessential book ever written, on how to boost your confidence and master the art of persuasion. The book contains practical advice and techniques on how to make friends quickly and easily, increase your popularity, improve your powers of persuasion, and become a better speaker.

All of this adds up to improving your ability to network, and of course, nailing that next job interview.

It can be purchased from Bookdepository for $12.92 with free worldwide shipping.


7 Habits of Highly Effective People Prime Resumes Australia

2. The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People : Powerful Lessons in Personal Change - Stephen R. Covey

One of the most influential books ever written. The author provides an integrated and principle-centred approach for solving personal and professional problems. Principles that empower the reader to be adaptable to change, and to take advantage of the opportunities that change creates.

A great book if you're looking for guidance on developing the right mindset to conquer your next career move.

Available from Bookdepository for $16.66 with free shipping.


What Colour is Your Parachute Prime Resumes Australia

3. What Color is Your Parachute?: A Practical Manual for Job-Hunters and Career-Changers - Richard N. Bolles

A practical guide to all things job-search related. With advice on everything from networking, to interviewing, to resumes, and job search tactics. It also includes tips on how to utilise social media to your advantage.

It's sold more than 10 million copies in 28 countries, so could definitely be considered the world's most popular job-search book.

Available from Bookdepository for $30.61 with free shipping.


The Compound Effect Prime Resumes Australia

4. The Compound Effect - Darren Hardy

Based on fundamental principals, rather than gimmicks, this book is a guide on how to achieve personal and professional success, through making small positive everyday decisions, that compound to generate phenomenal achievements.

It's based on the idea that the little decisions you make each day, add up. And can either snowball towards disaster, or your greatest desire. This book provides you with a step by step guide to implementing the system and then charting your progress.

Available from Amazon for $14.07 plus shipping.


60 Seconds and You're Hired Prime Resumes Australia

5. 60 Seconds & You're Hired - Robin Ryan

Written by an author with 30 years of direct hiring experience. As well as years of extensive contact and experience with recruiters and HR professionals. This book provides guidance on various interview techniques, like "The 60 Second Sell". As well as advice on how to answer tricky interview questions that employers ask. And what you should and shouldn't ask in return.

It even deals directly with how to answer those dreaded salary expectation questions, whilst maintaining your negotiating power.

Available from Amazon for $15.41 plus shipping.


Careers Graphic Guide Prime Resumes Australia

6. Careers: The Graphic Guide to Finding the Perfect Job for You - DK

This graphical guide, is full of visually engaging charts and tables, that can help guide and inspire you in your search for the perfect career. You can start with hobbies or subjects that you like and the book will guide you to potential careers that may suit your interests.

It then has information on over 400 jobs, from a multitude of fields, with data on salaries, working hours, and suggested training pathways. It's a great resource for anyone looking for inspiration on where to take their career. Especially young people who might be looking for guidance on where to go with their professional life, and how to get there.

Available from Bookdepository for $36.75 with free shipping.


Pre-suasion Prime Resumes Australia

7. Pre-suasion - Robert Cialdinin

When it comes to persuasion, success can begin before you say a word. It isn't just what we say or how we say it that counts, but also what goes on in the moments before we speak. Hence the title, PRE-suasion.

In this book, the author offers guidance and tools to help you master the subtle skills that can help you to position people to answer "Yes" before they've even been asked the question. By understanding and implementing these methods, you'll be better placed to negotiate support for an idea, win a debate, or even nail that job or promotion interview.

This book has been described as a masterclass in the powers of influence.

Available from Bookdepositiry for $14.60 with free shipping.