What if I need to make changes, will I be able to edit my own documents?

Yes, definitely. When you order your resume and cover letter through us, we provide you with a finished product, that is completely yours, and completely editable, should you wish to make any changes yourself.

This is great, if you want to tweak your resume or cover letter to specifically target individual job advertisements each time you apply. This is absolutely essential to make sure that you're maximising your chances of successfully making it through to the interview stage.

Your documents will be supplied in both PDF and Word (docx) format. With the Word document being open for any changes you'd like to make. If you don't have the software to be able to open or edit this type of document, then we would highly recommend looking into purchasing a basic Microsoft Office package. Prices currently start from $10 a month for the basic Personal package. This includes ongoing updates, so that you can ensure you are always operating from the latest version of the software.

If you're looking for a free option (and who isn't) then there a couple of options available. WPS Office is probably your best bet. It will allow you to open and edit Word documents, and has a similar layout to Microsoft. The software is free to download, and also includes applications to open and edit spreadsheet and PowerPoint documents.

Of course, if you don't feel comfortable, or confident enough to make your own changes and updates, we provide an update/re-write/re-targeting service that you may be interested in. We can perform any updates for new work experience or qualifications you may have completed. As well as assessing and re-targeting your resume for any new positions that you wish to apply for, to ensure that your application ticks all the boxes to give you the best chance of success.

If you have any questions about the services we provide, or would like to discuss your options, then contact us anytime, and we'd be happy to help.

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