Why doesn't my resume look right when I open it on my computer?

Our resumes and cover letters are written using the latest version of Microsoft Word. When the documents are completed and sent out, you will receive two copies. One Word document (.docx) and one PDF document.

The Word document is supplied so that you have complete control over your resume and cover letter, and are able to make any changes or updates yourself, should you wish to do so. It's also generally the best format to use for submitting your documents to an ATS system for parsing (scanning).

Sometimes, due to differences in software versions or other variances, the Word formatted document may not appear correctly when you attempt to open it. Sometimes this can be as easy to resolve as changing the "Layout" type, or selecting "Edit Document" from the top tabs in Word. Other times, you may need to update, if you are running an old outdated version of the software. In either case, if you have any issues, then please contact us, and we'd be happy to assist.

If you don't currently have any software at all capable of opening and editing a Word document, then we would highly recommend looking into purchasing a basic Microsoft Office package. Prices currently start from $10 a month for the basic Personal package. This includes ongoing updates, so that you can ensure you are always operating from the latest version of the software.

If you're looking for a free version (and who isn't) then there a couple of options available. WPS Office is probably your best bet. It will allow you to open and edit Word documents, and has a similar layout to Microsoft. The software is free to download, and also includes applications to open and edit spreadsheet and PowerPoint documents.

The PDF document we provide, allows you to be able to send your resume through to anyone via email, without them being able to make any changes. PDF documents are also readily viewable on most devices. And the main software used to read them, Adobe Acrobat, is free to download. The PDF format will generally show up on all devices, exactly as it was created. So if your Word format resume doesn't appear the same as your PDF format, then that could indicate a potential issue. If this is the case, then again, please feel free to contact us directly, and we'd be delighted to offer assistance.

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